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Both in the national and international context, our company is strong in the field having over 25 years of experience in the design and production of accessories for building and maintaining water and gas main supply lines and piped networks in general. The company is today a meeting point for qualified operators in this field.
With the requirements of the field well in mind, IDRO GAS ENGINEERING SAS has directed its activity towards research, testing and production of new materials to award an instant response to the needs for innovative technology.

The co-operation with the most qualified companies of water and gas supplies, both public and private, a dynamic and articulated trading well supported by our research, efficient and flexible production and marketing structures sum up our work formula.


Via Roma 101 - 13010
Motta de' Conti (VC) - Italy
P.IVA: 01466450069
Tel. +39.0161780400/780444
Tel. +39.0161780803
Fax. +39.0161780411/780909

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