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The general terms herewith apply to all orders and they are subject to variation without any notice; they are integrally accepted with the bestowal of the order.
1. Prices: at delivery’s date, prices which are in force will be applied

2. Delivery time: it has to be understood as “prior to sale” and it is reported only as indicative and not binding; moreover it has to be understood as “delivery time to the forwarder”, both if the forwarder has been chosen by Idro Gas or by the Customer. The seller has the power of dispatching in several occasions the order, without giving thus the right to the cancelling of the commission or of a part of it. The goods are sold factory free (EXW) at our warehouse of Motta de’ Conti (VC), Italy

3. Forwarding: when the means of conveyance are not explicitly shown by the customer, the delivery shall take place through ways which we consider the most suitable. The goods travel at risk and danger of the purchaser, even if they are sent duty free. The Insurance is covered only by request and is to be charged to the buyer.

4. Packing: standard, free. If required, special packages will be charged at cost

5. Technical descriptions: indicative and not binding, our company can vary in any moment without advising, at its sole discretion, the information included in these descriptions. It is understood that it is task of the Customer to verify that the products eventually supplied by Idro Gas allow a use in conformity with his expectations, taken into account of all the events and elements that can influence the proper functioning of the purchased goods. For the assembling follow scrupulously the instructions, also downloadable from our website

6. Guarantee: our material is guaranteed against damages due to construction fault, fault of material or machining defects which are imputable to us. The guarantee expires: - one year after the date indicated in the transport documents
- if the material is to be employed out of the operating terms which we have indicated
- if the material is altered or manipulated
- if the material has been stocked incorrectly
Our guarantee limits itself to the replacement of the faulty products or to their repairing in our head office,
excluding completely any other responsibility and particularly excluding indemnities or to the acknowledgement of damages caused by our products.

7. Payment: if not previously authorized in written form by Idro Gas, the invoices have to be paid in the manner and times given in the invoice. The payment has to be made by bank transfer on the bank details showed in ditto document, or by other means which our company will communicate to Customer. In case of late payments we will apply penalties according to the current bank taxes from the unaccomplished date

8. Reserved ownership: products which are delivered will retain our own property until the payment will be completely effected

9. For any controversy it is competent the law Court of Vercelli, or other chosen by Idro Gas at its sole discretion

10. The products must be employed only for the use for which they have been conceived by the producer, and used only by qualified and well trained personnel

11. It must be used the opportune P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment), like protective gloves and protective glasses, and anything else deemed appropriate for the purpose

12. It must be used strictly followed the assembling instructions given with the delivery of the goods, available also by contacting our technical department


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